World’s first solar-powered electric car enters production

That is invigorating information! The world’s most memorable series-production sunlight based controlled electric vehicle, the Lightyear 0, has without a doubt entered creation in Finland. Here are a few central issues to be aware:

  • Manufacturer: Lightyear, a Dutch startup
  • Model: Lightyear 0 (previously Lightyear One)
  • Creation start: December 2022
  • Exceptional feature: 5 square meters of coordinated sunlight powered chargers that can amount to 70 km (43 miles) of driving reach each day in bright circumstances. This implies, under ideal circumstances, it might actually drive for quite a long time without expecting to connect!
  • Other features: Lightweight and streamlined plan, long reach (625 km) with customary charging, roomy inside, high effectiveness drivetrain
  • Price: €150,000 ($166,000)
  • Target market: Early adopters, naturally cognizant people with significant spending plan


The Lightyear 0 denotes a critical stage in the improvement of sunlight based fueled vehicles. While past sun based vehicles existed, they were for the most part models or low-volume creations. Lightyear 0’s entrance into large scale manufacturing exhibits the practicality of sunlight based innovation for broadening the scope of electric vehicles and diminishing their dependence on outer charging foundation.


  • High price: Right now, the Lightyear 0 is just reasonable for a restricted fragment of the market.
  • Sun oriented range potential relies upon sunlight: The extra reach from sun powered chargers vigorously depends on radiant circumstances. In shady or blustery climate, its viability is diminished.
  • Charging speed: While offering broadened range, it can’t rival the quick charging abilities of customary electric vehicles.


The Lightyear 0’s entrance into creation is a promising improvement for the fate of sun oriented fueled electric vehicles. While it probably won’t be a quick standard arrangement, it prepares for additional progressions in innovation and moderateness, possibly prompting a future where sunlight based shows of dominance a vital job in feasible transportation.

Do you have a particular inquiries concerning the Lightyear 0 or sunlight based controlled vehicles overall? I’d be glad to share more data!

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